Ministries Renewal – Commitment Sunday!

Our Liturgical Ministry Renewal process has begun during which time all parishioners have been invited to either renew their current ministry Symposium 4-1involvement or to become involved in a parish ministry for the first time. At St. Gianna’s, our ministry term is 3 years thereby, giving everyone an opportunity to experience many types of ministry. For those who have most recently joined our parish and are eager to become involved in one of our ministry areas, this is now the time for you to become involved, as well as to be formed in a particular ministry.

Bring your completed Commitment Cards to Commitment Sunday this weekend October 7/8 and place it in the Ministries Drop Box in the narthex.

Liturgy Ministry catalogues and commitment cards are still available in the narthex. Please take a catalogue and a commitment card for each participating family member and consider in which ministry you are being called to be involved, then carefully complete the commitment card. Return your completed card on "Commitment Sunday" on October 7/8 and October 14/15.















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