Level 1  - Mrs. Tamara Cipriano

Tony and I have two daughters, Kayla and Lana. We have been members of St. Gianna's for three years and we are very grateful to be part of such a wonderful faith community. This is my second year as a Catechist in level 1. When I was asked about being a Catechist I thought that being new to the Catholic faith myself, this would be a perfect way for me to pass on everything I have learned through my journey. I have been a softball coach for 7-10 year olds for three years and I absolutely love teaching the kids. I have learned so much from them and I find being a Catechist extremely rewarding.

Tamara Cipriano







Level 2 -  Mr. Aidan Guttormson

Hey there, my name is Aidan Guttormson and I am a 17 year old student currently attending St. Paul’s Jesuit High School. My family has been involved with the parish since its early days some 10 years ago. I myself have been involved with the parish as an acolyte and a teen catechist. Besides volunteering with the church, I spend my time reading, snowboarding, and playing hockey and rugby. I am very excited to be teaching Faith Formation again this year!

Aidan Guttormson









Level 3 - Mrs. Antoinette Huggins










Level 4 - Ms. Patricia Navarro

Patricia Navarro


Level 5 - Mr. Carlo Navarro & Mrs. Grazia Bermisa

Carlo Navarro    Grazia Bermisa

This is in my first year as a catechist. I currently work as a Clinical Case Manager for New Directions, supporting high needs children in foster home placements. My husband, Gerald, and I have 2 daughters; Sabrina, 9, and Sasha, 6.  We have belonged to St. Gianna’s since Sabrina’s baptism in 2006.  I look forward to spending time with the Level 5 class and doing my best to educate the children about our faith while making it fun!


Level 6 - Mr. Jerome Knysh

Jerome Knysh


Teen Catechists:

Caitlin Madden: Caitlin is 15 years old, and is currently attending grade 11 at St. Mary’s Academy. She joined St. Gianna’s with her family in 2005, and has been a teen catechist for the past 4 years. Caitlin enjoys playing basketball, and the piano and is the 2015 General Ambassador for Folklorama .

Caitlin Madden


Stephanie Knysh: Hi my name is Stephanie, I am in grade ten at St. Mary’s Academy and this is my fourth year as a teen catechist at St. Gianna Parish.  I enjoy being a teen catechist because I like teaching children and learning more about my faith through teaching them. At school I participate in the debate club and outside of school I enjoy synchronized swimming. I also enjoy cooking and reading in my spare time. I look forward to this year as a teen catechist and am excited for another year of faith filled learning to begin.

Stephanie Knysh


Caroline Knysh: Hello my name is Caroline Knysh. I am 13 years old. I am in grade 8 at St. Mary’s Academy. This is my second year as a Teen Catechist. Last year I really enjoyed talking with the kids and helping them.  I like the color purple and cute baby animals like puppies and kittens. I am commonly found reading a book, on the computer, or texting with friends.

Caroline Knysh


Adrian Dano:  Adrian is in Grade 10 @ St. Paul High School, a Catholic all boys school. He's an active basketball player in a certain Rising Star Basketball Club, he loves reading, singing & teaching as well. He is the eldest among 3 siblings in the family.

Adrian Dano


Ticon Dano:  Ticon is in Grade 8 @ Henry G. Izatt Middle School. He' s a rising star Basketball Player of a certain basketball Club. He likes playing guitar & clarinet and loves taking care with the little ones. He is the middle child among 3 children in the family.

Ticon Dano


Noah Banmann:  Hi, my name is Noah and I am in the 7th Grade at St. John Brebeuf School.  My family and I have been a part of St. Gianna's since 2005. This is my first year as a teen catechist.  My hobbies include reading, playing video games and Tae Kwon Do.  I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and also the 2014 Canadian National Sparring Champion for my division.  I love children and love learning more things about my faith so I decided to combine both of those interests and become a teen catechist this year.

Noah Banmann








Sacraments - Mrs. Monaliza Vianzon and Mrs. Isabel Rea

Monaliza Vianzon   Isabel Rea

Children's Faith Formation Coordinator - Mrs. Rachel Suarez-Banmann

Rachel Suarez-Banmann










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