Children’s Faith Formation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in St. Gianna’s Children’s Faith Formation.

Every young person comes with a natural desire for truth and openness to the Word of God.  Every response elicited through faith formation should seek to deepen the child’s willingness to be open to the power of the Holy Spirit, and enliven the mind, body and spirit with the peace, love and joy of the Lord.

The faith community of St. Gianna’s, believes that faith formation is a lifelong process and that parents are the primary spiritual and moral educators of their children.  We believe that the most important gift parents can give their children is a strong foundation in our Catholic faith.  The faith of the parents so profoundly impacts their children,  that there is no substitute for parental involvement in their children’s faith formation.  The Children’s Faith Formation process at St. Gianna’s is not a process between the children and the catechists alone. It involves both the immediate family and the church family. It does not replace catechesis that stems from the home but has the priveledged responsibility to support it.

This catechetical experience is made complete when parents and families are examples of the faith.  Families are strongly encouraged to participate regularly in weekend liturgies and Holy Days.  They are encouraged to regulary participate in the Sacraments, serve in Parish ministries, live the Gospel, pray and talk to your children about their faith, live lives of service, and continue in their own personal faith formation.

I have seen many times how God blesses whole families through their children who are attending Faith Formation classes. Be open to the Holy Spirit and my hope is that God touches your heart during this year!

Sincerely in Christ,

Rachel Suarez-Banmann
Faith Formation Coordinator


  1.  Faith Formation Schedule:  Weekly Faith Formation classes are scheduled every Wednesday evening starting at 6:30pm and finishing at 7:30 from late September to the end of April.  Classes are located at St. Gianna Parish (15 Columbia Drive).
  2. Drop-off and Pick Up:  Parents are asked to drop off and pick up their children in the lobby of the church.  There will be sign-in/out sheets available for each class in the lobby. At 630pm, the catechist(s) will bring the entire group to the location of the classroom.  Parents are asked to wait in the lobby for their children to return after Faith Formation is complete.    Be sure to sign in and out so that we can assure that every child is accounted for. Any other person wishing to pick up their child who is not of the immediate family, please let the Faith Formation Coordinator know ahead of time so that we are aware of who is picking up the child.  If we do not know who is picking up the child, we may have to call the parent for confirmation.   Late comers are disruptive to the class.  Please make the effort to arrive on time.
  3. Attendance:  Your application into the Faith Formation programs presumes your commitment to quality Faith Formation.  In order to provide this for you, regular attendance to weekly classes is encouraged and expected.  Absences for serious reasons will be accepted.  Prolonged absences due to extra-curricular activities are not serious reasons.  Continuous absences are also not a great example to the children who attend regularly.
  4. Parent/Child Concerns: St. Gianna’s Faith Formation wishes to foster an atmosphere of respect and responsibility within the process.  When there are differences in opinions, questions or concerns, we will follow the guidelines below.  Initially, the parties directly involved are asked to work towards a resolution.

If unresolved, the Coordinator will be consulted.

If the Coordinator is unable to resolve the matter, the Parish Pastoral Council or Pastor will be consulted.

        5.  Discipline:  Participants (Parents, Catechists and Children) are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which exhibits reverence, respect and responsibility.  Children who are being disruptive in the classroom will be given a warning and if they continue with the behavior, they will have a meeting with the Coordinator and parents. Because we are sharing open space during Faith Formation, please remember that excessive noise will disrupt other classrooms.

       6. Telephones/Electronics:  Children in our Faith Formation process are encouraged to leave their electronics at home.  If there is an emergency, the Faith Formation Coordinator may be reached at 204-509-3793 during class time.

Curriculum: For the 2017-18 catechetical year, we will continue to use the catechism program series called  "Finding God"(Loyola Press) in our weekly classes.  This series has garnered much praise in the Faith teaching community.  




















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