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The Second Vatican Council rightly proclaimed that the Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life”.  The Eucharist is the Sacrament that is at the heart of our faith and gives us our Catholic identity.

Everything that we do leads to or flows from the Eucharist. We are nourished at the table and challenged to live the life of Christ in the world.

At Baptism, we are first grafted into the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  In Eucharist, we are fed and nourished with the body of Christ, the Bread of Life and the Cup of Eternal Salvation, in the midst of the Body of Christ, which is the church.

The Eucharist is an act of worship, a participation in Jesus’ sacrifice, a celebration of salvation through Christ, a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Father and more. The “Amen” we say at receiving the body of Christ and the blood of Christ, is our personal commitment to Jesus and the community of faith. We are then challenged to take that commitment into the world and live as Christians.

The reception of 1st Eucharist typically occurs for baptized children in the 2nd grade, but age should not be the most important factor.  More importantly, it is the child's (& family's) readiness for the sacrament that is the most important factor, which can be shown in their attitude and a deeper understanding of what they are preparing for and what is taking place. Two children of the same age can exhbit two different levels of readiness, when it comes to their interest and ability to understand this important sacrament. Children are ready when they can understand that the bread and wine are the Body and Blood of Christ, who enjoy being a part of the parish community, who want to be with us during Mass and who want to join us at the Lord's table.  These children are found in families where prayer and faith are part of their everyday lives.  We find these children in families that regularly and actively participate in liturgy.  We also find these children in parishes where the adults sing and pray enthusiastically and continue their journeys in learning about the Faith.

Preparation for 1st Eucharist begins after Easter and continues each week (5 weeks) until the 1st Eucharist celebration in early June. Children are required to have at least 1 year of faith formation in the preceding year and currently attend formation the year in which they would like to celebrate the sacrament. For those children who currently attend a Catholic School, attendance at weekly Faith Formation classes is optional.

Important Dates for Eucharist 2018:

April, 8, 15, 22, 29 - Eucharist Preparation (12-3pm)

May 6 - Eucharist Preparation (12-3pm)

May 26 - Eucharist Retreat (12-3pm)

May 30 - Reconciliation for 1st Eucharist Children (7pm)

June 3 - Celebration of 1st Eucharist (10am liturgy)

For more information, contact Rachel: 204-488-3977 or e-mail

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