Introduction to Ministry

At the heart of every ministry involvement is first and foremost the desire to encounter a greater call to personal conversion and change.  Even before ministry involvement sets out to change others or the world, it must be such that it changes and transforms the lives of those involved in ministry.  Through our involvement in ministry the sacramental grace of baptism, confirmation and eucharist are exercised and matured so that the gift of Christ can fully come to reign in us. Our participation in ministry enables us to look to Christ and to walk with Christ in such a way that we might find him in every aspect of our daily living.

Listed here are various ministry areas at St. Gianna’s that provide the wonderful opportunity to encounter truly transformative ministry.  Each ministry opportunity has been identified under one of seven categories that together form a comprehensive school of formation for contemporary disciples.  Each ministry is composed of an ongoing faith formation dimension as well as an apostolate by which ministry spirituality can be lived out and explored.

We ask that you take time to consider the various ministry areas and the unique opportunity each of them brings to encounter the person of Jesus and the continued call to a lived and tangible spirituality.

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