Ministries of Music

Sacred Music contains its very own theological encounter with the presence of God.  By its very nature, through musicality and text, music fashions and shapes the contemporary worshiper in conscious and unconscious ways.

Those who participate in the Ministry of Music will come to hear the voice of God that not only resounds the beauty of the poetic phrases and salutations, but will also hear the very nature of God revealed in the musical sound that carries the sung word.

In addition, participants will develop a keen appreciation for the power of sacred music and the vital role it holds in our communal Christian worship and individual prayer.

In addition to participating in one of the varied apostolates associated with this ministry, all participants will be asked to participate in formation opportunities, rehearsals and ministry meetings periodically.

Apostolates of the Ministry of Music:

Choral - Adult / Youth

Choral - Children


For more information or to register for this ministry, please contact:

John Eisma, Director of Sacred Music
Phone: 204-488-3977


















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