Ministries of the Eucharist

The Eucharistic Presence of Jesus under the form of bread and wine reminds us of how present and real God is to us each and every day of our lives. Like mana in the Old Testament that gave daily food and nourishment for our Hebrew ancestors, the eucharistic food for the Christian is truly our daily

bread of life.  For our God desires nothing more than to be with us through all experiences of life and to be the source by which we not only discover God, but also ourselves and one another.

Those who participate in the Ministry of the Eucharist will come to know in a more profound way Christ’s sacramental presence in all of life.

In addition to participating in one of the varied apostolates associated with this ministry, all participants will be asked to participate formation opportunities and ministry meetings periodically.

Apostolates of the Ministry of the Eucharist:

Communion To The Sick / Viaticum


Adoration / Perpetual Prayer









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