Stewardship of Time

As we now witness the construction of our future home, we continue to reclaim time in our lives. As parishioners of St. Gianna's, we are invited to commit to ‘Time for God’ and ‘Time for One Another’. As stewards of God, we acknowledge the significance of the gift of the time that we have on Earth. As His disciples, we need to cherish every moment with those that truly matter the most to us in our lives. As in years previous, parishioners choose from a list of potential opportunities or create their own opportunity to commit to ‘Time for One Another’. Parishioners are asked to select an opportunity and then to select the frequency of their commitment and to make the pledge until our next Lenten season.

Time for God
The Prayer Ministry of St. Gianna’s invites parishioners to commit Time for God through a variety of prayer opportunities to incorporate into their daily lives. These gifts of time may include: attending Sunday liturgy consistently, praying the rosary, praying the Novena to St. Gianna, participation in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, praying the Noontime Angelus, daily liturgy, mealtime prayer, assisting one's children with morning or bedtime prayer, 15 minute daily prayer with scripture, Divine Mercy chaplet, the Examen or praying for the deceased & those who mourn their loss.

Time for One Another
The “TIME” God gives us on earth is limited, unpredictable and fleeting. As stewards of God we recognize time as a blessing from God. We are grateful for this blessing and we are asked to share a part of these limited moments with others. In the same way that we need to spend time with God in order to grow, we also need to spend time with one another. It is through sharing this gift that we are able to live out our discipleship. We become more the people that God created us to be. You are being called to reclaim time for those that mean the most to you: to set your priorities to include those you love; to spend time with those who could benefit from a gift of time. These gifts of time may include: sharing a meal together, having a family night with board games, going for a walk with family, friends or a neighbour, reading a story together or going to the library, shopping and doing chores together, going to a sporting event together, spending a day at the park together or praying and going to mass together.

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