Stewardship of Treasure

Treasure Renewal Logo 2017Why we share a just portion of our annual income...

To Build a Bridge

In the offering of a right and just portion of our household income, we make the work we do an integral part of ushering in the reign of God and his kingdom on earth.

To Be Eucharistic

At each celebration of the Eucharist, along with bread and wine, the gift of our lives is being offered up to God. In former days, that gift would be represented by the ‘first fruits’ of the harvest. Today our financial income is the harvest of our labour, the summation of how we use our gifts and make our living. When we place a right and just portion at the altar each week, we in essence are placing our very lives, the work of our hands, the fruit of our labour. In turn as bread and wine are received by God and transformed into the body and blood of Jesus, so too is our life that has made the sacrificial gift of our treasure possible. In this we become truly Eucharistic.

To Make Holy All that We Have and Possess

When we share an intentional just and right portion of our treasure with God, we create a new awareness that all is from God and that all needs to be used in a God given way. This first portion that we place before God is a outward sign of our desire and commitment to use not only this portion but all of our treasure in a God given way.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart shall be.” - MATTHEW 6:21

Our Parish Stewardship of Treasure Renewal:

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